UMC 740UV25:1 Gear Box Extended Shaft

UMC Valley Style 740-UV Gearbox 52:1 Ratio Extended Shaft

  • $370.00




UMC Valley Style Gearbox 52:1 Ratio 740-UV Extended Shaft [maxbutton id="3"]

740-UV 52:1 Ratio Designed for longer spans, larger wheels and heavier towers where an extended output shaft is required. This gearbox has all the same capabilities, features and benefits that the standard 740 has with a few tweaks. The output shaft is extended, the gear ratio is 52:1 and the input shaft is made of ductile iron with a 25° pressure angle allowing this gearbox to be used on center pivot and lateral move/ linear systems that come standard with these specifications. It is also available in an Assembled in USA model. UMC's 740-UV final drive gearbox features a 2.25 inch extended output shaft with larger input bearings capable of handling more input load.The gearbox also features cartridge style input and output seals. It is designed to support longer spans, larger wheels, and heavier towers for use on center pivots and lateral move/ linear irrigation systems. Features and Benefits •2.25 inch extended output shaft •52:1 gear ratio with 25° pressure angle •Cartridge input and output seals •Larger input bearings •Input shaft guard •External seal protectors for input and output seals •Top oil fill plug •Universal mounting pattern •Full cycle expansion chamber with stainless steel cover •Filled with extreme pressure worm gear oil •Steel output shaft and ductile iron input shaft •Tapered roller bearings •Includes carriage bolts and nuts •Dual ended input shaft

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