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Komet Twin Max 75 End Gun

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Komet Twin Max 75 End Gun

* Self adjusting brake system
- Allows the TwinMax big volume gun to operate efficiently at all pressure levels.
* Excellent distribution uniformity
- The unique drive system allows for a much better stream diffusion even at lower system pressures.
* Fan spray at start-up
- The TwinMax big volume gun has a unique drive system that produces a fan spray at start-up to help eliminate crop damage and also minimizes run off and soil erosion.
* Optional equipment
- The great versatility of the gun is further increased with the dynamic intermittent jet-breaker.
* Heavy duty design
- The TwinMax big volume gun is maintenance free due to heavy-duty construction.
* Rotation speed adjustment
* Self adjusting brake system
* 18 degree trajectory
* Includes nozzle
* Five or more - call for special pricing
* Nozzle sizes .59, .63, .67, .71 and .79

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