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Tower Joint Parts

Tower Joint

Direct Pivot Parts offers a wide range of Tower Joint. We are an industry leader in replacement parts for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems and have the expertise to help you find exactly the Tower Joint you are looking for. Our selection of parts includes Center Drives, Gearboxes, Center Pivot Structural Parts, Tower Boxes, and Sprinkler Packages. DirectPivotParts is an independent parts supplier and is not affiliated with Lindsay/Zimmatic, Reinke, Pierce, Olson, or Lockwood. Buy your Tower Joint Today!

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Lindsay Zimmatic Style 6-5/8" Pivot Tower Joint

Lindsay/Zimmatic compatible.


Center Pivot Tower Joint 6 5/8"





Center Pivot Short Tower Joint 6 5/8"

Lindsay/Zimmatic compatible.


Center Pivot Last Tower Joint 6 5/8" or 5 9/16"

Lindsay/Zimmatic compatible.

Starting at: $490.00

6 5/8 flange to 5 9/16  zimmatic lindsey compatible tower joint  (9500 and g2)

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