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Spike Coupler Size 2 Inch

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Spike Coupler Size 2 Inch is Lindsay/Zimmatic compatible.

Spike Coupler
PVC Solvent
There are two sizes available for this product, either a 2" or 2 1/2" diameter.
-3/4" riser outlet
-Ideal for row crops, nurseries, or orchards
-Spike riser locks male & female coupler halves
and stabilizes the riser in a vertical position
-Substantial savings over aluminum or buried solid
set systems
-Improved weatherability PVC compounds
-Highest UV inhibitors.
-Highest impact resistance.
-Easy off season storage, simply remove spike riser.
-Non-corrosive aluminum tubing spike riser
-Quad seal prevents water leakage around spike.
-Slotted male end allows for up to 1-1/4" expansion and contraction of PVC pipe.
-Chevron seal gasket.

Disclaimer: This part is not manufactured by Lindsay/Zimmatic and is not certified by Lindsay/Zimmatic. DirectPivotParts is an independent parts supplier and is not affiliated with Lindsay/Zimmatic.
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