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FM Well Controller


Transceiver Single I/O

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Comes with 1 sensor input and 1 relay output.  It can be used as a transmitter at the pivot or as a receiver for the pump.  When using as a transmitter you must order a back up battery separately.

Standard Features:

- Advanced Lightning Protection

- No Computer Needed To Program

- System Supervision with Fail Safe Operation

- NEMA 4x Weather Proof Cabinet

- Built In Battery Charger

- Redundant Signalling

- Powered by 120VAC or 12VDC Standard

- Last Pivot Standing Control Capabilities

Transmitter Operation:

The input connects directly to the pivots well control relay with dry contacts (no voltage) or hot contacts (24vac to 120vac).

Receiver Operation:

The ouput relay is used to energize or de-energize high voltage control relays or Murphy switches.

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