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1/2"Multi-Composite Base Adjustable Impact Sprinkler

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  • Full or part-circle, impact sprinkler
  • 23° trajectory
  • 1/2" male NPT base
  • Wide range of brass nozzles
  • 9/64" nozzle installed
  • 3/8-24 UNF nozzle threads
  • Anodized aluminum drive arm with brass bushings
  • Composite body is super-strong and impact resistant
  • All-brass bearing
  • Stainless-steel fulcrum pin, arm spring, and bearing spring
  • Operates well at both high and low pressures
  • Easily adjustable from 20° to 340°or full-circle
  • Built-in vane straightener for improved performance
  • Adjustable diffuser pin
  • Made with domestic and foreign parts
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