Revenue Revolution Series John Deere Tractors

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The future is always full of new and exciting discoveries, and the latest discovery is just beginning to emerge. The new SwipeTrac system that is set to be introduced in the 2019 Revenue Revolution series by John Deere, is sure to change the way farmers think about operating equipment. This feature will give way to new opportunities and allow producers to pursue equipment they would have never dreamed of affording and others the ability to only pay for what they use.

In a article posted earlier this month by Gosh Farm it stated,“The SwipeTrac feature is a electrical point of sale built into the tractor the allows the operator to unlock features they need during the current season. Users have the option of swiping a credit card or logging into their financial accounts to add it to their line of credit. With a couple of pushes on the display and a swipe of a card and you’re ready to take on the bigger challenges in ag.”

The system’s integrated point of sale allows producers to only pay for the features they enable. Each item can be unlocked in a subscription style package for 3, 6 and 12 month intervals. The feature is customer friendly. Simply select the item on displayed on the screen and the credit card on file will be processed immediately.

Here’s another great feature, drivers will no longer start their tractors with a key! So how you ask? They can simply run the magnetic strip through the reader and the machine starts up and charges the customers by the hour. Following the transaction, you’re back to farming!

The production and precision ag marketing manager for John Deere, John Bilshers says “After our trial with customers having to pay to unlock steering functions proved to be a success, we decided to take it a step further and make nearly every item in the cab an unlockable addition.”

Here’s a sample list of the items that can be unlocked:

  • PTO
  • Front wheel assist
  • Headlights
  • SCV 1-6
  • Powered steering
  • Differential lock
  • Climate control
  • Radio
  • Air ride seat
  • Steering wheel height adjustment
  • Speeds over 2.0 MPH
  • The other 95% of fuel tank
  • Three point raise and lower
  • Active seat
  • Sun visor
  • Adjustable steering wheel


The Revenue Revolution, is all about making your farm more profitable on a yearly basis. Some may say that measuring a large purchase over your acres in one year can be difficult and hard to track. However, with the Revenue Revolution, the goal is to create a simpler system that allows you to know your exact costs for an operational period and to easily predict future en devours.

As the future of the new SwipeTrac system and the Revenue Revolution series by John Deere unfolds, we want to hear your thoughts. Would you pay to unlock an item from a tractor? If so, which feature would you pay for? Leave your answers in the comment section below.